Julia Arndt is a stress management trainer, personal development coach and keynote speaker.

Combining her extensive business background working for Google for over 7 years, her unique journey in reaching mindfulness and her passion to inspire and motivate people, Julia is helping professionals in high-pressure environments to rethink their lifestyle and bring long-lasting transformations.

She has trained thousands of people on understanding the effects of stress on body and mind, move beyond burnout and build a mindful lifestyle that delivers focus, high energy and productivity.

 She is the host of the podcast "Stressed - Deliver your Stress Resilience". 


Besides her Business Bachelor and Masters degrees (Hons), she is a Certified Life and Business Coach, a 300hr certified Yoga Teacher with a focus on using yoga as a therapeutic model, a gym instructor and has a diploma in Sports Psychology.

Julia lived in 6 countries over the past 10 years, speaks 3 languages fluently and can never say no to chocolate!

"Unless what many people think,

stress management is not about holding a yoga pose or sitting cross-legged in meditation,

but about personal development and mindful awareness."

Julia Arndt


★ Advanced Coaching Track (ACTP), Life Purpose Institute (San Diego, California)

★ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Certification (University of Massachusetts)


★ CLC Coach, Life Purpose Institute (San Diego, California)

★ Coaching in Business, Better Manager (Providence, Rhode Island)

★ 8-Week Stress Management Workshop by Drachenberg GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

★ 200hr Advanced Teacher Training, Alaya Yoga School (Hamilton, Montana / Costa Rica)


★ 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification, Registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance (Truckee, California)

★ Evening Diploma in Sports Psychology, Dublin Business School (Dublin, Ireland)

★ PFS Gym Instructor, ProFi Fitness School (Dublin, Ireland)

★ Master of Science (Hons) in Marketing and Brand Management (Aix-en-Provence, France)

★ Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Management (Bremen, Germany / Marseille, France)


Julia is business fluent in German, English and French.

Julia Arndt

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