"Everyone needs a coach" - Bill Gates

One characteristic common to all high performing individuals, from executives to athletes, is the fact that they all have a coach. 

Yet, surprisingly in business nearly two-thirds of executives outside the leading-edge innovators of the world don’t. In fact the majority of individuals over 60% are embarrassed to consider, let alone ask for coaching. “Why do you need coaching? What’s wrong with you?". In our experience the people that seek coaching aren’t the ones with something wrong with them. To the contrary, there’s something very right about them — and it’s enabling them to leap ahead. (Source)

Are you ready to take the leap?

In a 1:1 Coaching

We take time just for you.

We pause to reflect.

Where are you right now?

Where do you want to go?

What is going well?

What could be better?

Where is still room for growth?

What is your next step?

The next small step you can walk to get closer to your vision of a less-stressed, happier and more balanced life.

"I joined one of Julia’s Stress Management trainings at Google and learned tools and techniques I can apply to be more mindful about managing my stress.


Afterwards, we also discussed a tailored approach for me in a 1:1 coaching session. Since that time, I have been able to better disconnect, let go, take care of myself and be present with my kids. I feel a lot more empowered in my daily work-life balance. I am happier since I am finding ways to recharge my batteries.


I highly recommend both Julia’s insightful trainings as well as tailored 1:1 coaching to anyone that wants to better manage stress as a preventative measure or is currently experiencing high levels of stress."

Sheethal Shobowale ❘ UX Researcher ❘ Google LLC



Stress Management is a skill that everyone can learn! And so can you.

Are you feeling stressed? Do you have a hard time focusing, do you feel constantly tired and exhausted, do you feel like not yourself anymore? 

Stress can show itself in many different areas of our lives:

- A demanding job, or a new role

- A loving relationship

- A new parent

- Taking care of others

- Building a new business

Looking to boost your focus, productivity and long-term success? Or creating a loving relationship with yourself and others? You want to show up stronger for others?

In this 1:1 coaching, Julia will help you identify the areas of your life that stress you and will help you create new sustainable habits to master both short-term stressful situations and powerful long-term strategies for a happier, more balanced lifestyle. 


In life, we are transitioning all the time. A new job. A new manager or new leadership. Another reorg? Or a new teammate that is driving you crazy? But also our personal life has a strong influence on our professional life: Getting married. Getting divorced. Becoming a parent. A big birthday is coming up or there is just this "magical" number that makes you feel nervous for no one reason. An illness, a family member or maybe yourself.

Even if you choose the next chapter, a new transition, and you are excited about it, change often brings resistance. While some people make changes quickly, for most it's a long process.

Julia, as your coach, will help you through the change process, and empower you to continually move forwards, one step at a time.


"People don't leave companies, they leave managers."

Managers are the single most important factor in employee engagement and happiness, a lot of research exists today that supports this.

You, as a new or experienced manager, might not have received the training and time you needed to actually develop the necessary skills to lead with confidence, delegate effectively and grow people in the process. 

Julia is a certified business coach, and will help you become a better manager. Together you are reviewing employee, manager and organizational feedback and work through the four most important layers to get there: 

- Self

- Team Members

- Team

- Organization


During her time at Google, Julia managed hundreds of SMB clients, looked at thousand of websites to consult on advertising strategy and web-design, and managed multi-million dollar portfolios per quarter. Not only that, but she is also a serial entrepreneur of three companies: from apparel to service industry, she has got intensive experience building a business from the ground up including business planning, website creation and design, social media strategy and advertising on Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Do you have a great idea and would like to start your own business, but not really sure where to start? 

Or would you like to become an entrepreneur, but the idea is still missing?

Within entrepreneurial coaching, Julia helps you to start your business: from finding your unique idea, helping with marketing and business development to setting up your online marketing tools (website, social media, paid advertising) and financial planning.

"I met Julia right after leaving corporate America and while in the midst of major geographic move. Though I had no idea what would come next, she expertly helped me navigate the possibilities and set goals to help me take steps toward success.


Julia’s natural empathy is one of her greatest assets. It’s reflected in her active-listening skills, sharing of relatable experiences, and  gentle way of holding me accountable.


After a few, short months I’ve been able to prioritize what’s important, cut out obligations that weren’t, and feel more confident about my journey."

Heather C. ❘ Instructional Designer & Program Facilitator

Julia Arndt

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